Thursday, May 18, 2017

Prayer for Our Leaders

  1. Pray that they would realize their personal sinfulness and their daily need for cleansing of their sin by Jesus Christ.

  2. Pray that they would recognize their personal inadequacy to fulfill their tasks and they would depend upon God for knowledge, wisdom, and the courage to do what is right.

  3. Pray that they would reject all counsel that violates spiritual principles, trusting God to prove them right.

  4. Pray that they would resist those who would pressure them to violate their conscience.

  5. Pray that they would reverse the trends of socialism and humanism in this nation, both of which deify man rather than God.

  6. Pray that they would be ready to sacrifice their personal ambitions and political careers for the sake of this nation, if yielding them would be in the best interest of their country.

  7. Pray that they would rely upon prayer and the Word of God as the source of their daily strength, wisdom, and courage.

  8. Pray that they would restore dignity, honor, trustworthiness and righteousness to the office they hold.

  9. Pray that they would remember to be good examples in their conduct to the fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters of this nation.

  10. Pray that they would be reminded daily that they are accountable to Almighty God for the decisions they make.  (Written by Pastor Charles Stanley, Atlanta, GA)


sarah said...

I read this and thought of that scripture...if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray.....

Annesphamily said...

Karen these prayer requests are just beautiful. I am so glad i stopped by. It is so hard not to think negatively about our system and the people who are running America into the ground! Blessings Anne

Charlotte said...

I meet this with mixed emotions. I know we are to pray for our leaders, but I find myself praying that they will be replaced. I think I need to do both. You have given me something to think about. Thank you for that.

Mildred said...

I admire Dr. Stanley so much. Thanks for sharing this Karen.

Sparky said...

Hi Karen,

A friend of your sister Mildred here. Mildred is such a fine person and it looks like it runs in the family. You have a nice blog. :)

Mildred very kindly e-mailed this link to read. I will say that is EXCELLENT advice! I, and so many others, do pray all that and more.
I humbly pray that our elected leaders will stop trying to destroy America and the US Constitution.
That people will STOP voting for those who clearly have no desire to follow God and His Holy Word.
They are only in power because We The People put them there so we are just as accountable.

Never stop praying, never give up, and REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER.

God bless,
Pamela (aka Sparky)
My Thoughts Exactly
Reluctant Patriot

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

AMEN! Thank-you for this.
God Bless,

Karen said...


RCUBEs said...

Amen sister Karen. We must lift them up not only today but daily...Nothing like the change that comes from the Lord. God bless.

Denise said...

Amen sis.

Cathy said...

Amen! What a wonderful prayer.

Mildred said...

Thank you for sharing Dr. Stanley's prayer. So needed at this time in our history.

Mary Hutchins said...

A much needed list of things to pray for our leaders. said...

Right on point! Pastor Stanley is a wise man in what he said here. Thanks for posting today.

Melanie said...

Such a timely post, Karen. Thank you for the prayers. Our leaders need our prayer today more than any other time.

Sandra said...

if the first prayer worked, that would cover all the other 9.. thanks for sharing this

Connie said...

So many prayers needed in our world today. Well said.

Arlene Grimm said...

Oh so needed Karen..thanks for the reminder.

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