Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Heaven Came Down

You didn't want Heaven without us,
So Jesus, You brought Heaven down.
What a Beautiful Name (Kari Jobe)

In the beginning was the Word, 
and the Word was with God, 
and the Word was God. 
He was in the beginning with God. 
All things were made through Him, 
and without Him nothing was made that was made. 
In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.
John 1:1-4


Mildred said...

When I first saw your title I thought of this song:
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul,
When at the cross the Saviour made me whole
My sins were washed away
and my night was turned to day.
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul!i
Such beautiful and colorful photos today.
Love you.

Sandra said...

I love that old song to, Heaven came down and glory filled my soul.

Red Rose Alley said...

God's nature is truly amazing. I feel peace every time I step into it.

Have a blessed week, Karen.


Karen said...

Such a pretty song! I'm listening to it now. Thank you for the link:)

Dianna said...

Love the word picture of the quote. The Gospel of John is my favorite book in the New Testament. :)

Mildred said...

I forgot to say that I enjoyed Kari's video very much. Thank you for sharing the link. Love you and hope you have a good evening.

Susie said...

Karen, Your posts always give me a good feeling. Blessings , xoxo, Susie

Stephanie said...

I, too, thought of the old beloved hymn that Mildred mentioned :) Such a beautiful post, my friend. Hugs to you!

Debby Ray said...

I was going to comment about that song too but your sis beat me to it! Speaking of the song, we sang it many times in choir, that is back in the day when we had one. Enjoy the rest of your week and Memorial Day weekend!

Rose said...

When I was in school, the 'Bible women' came to school...I bet they were from the Gideons. But we called them the 'Bible women', and we could memorize verses and say them to our teachers and earn things. These are some of the verses we memorized, but I don't remember what for.

Carla from The River said...

Beautiful. As always, just what I needed today.
Love you, Karen!

Connie said...

Wonderful scripture!

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