Monday, December 5, 2016

Loving My Neighbor

I love this picture of two birds NOT of the same feather sharing a twig in the snowstorm. Does it seem like when stormy weather comes that people pitch in and help one another...neighbors who may have never even stopped to chat in good times?


Mary Hutchins said...

It does seem to happen like that....kinda sad!

Jedidja said...

That is a wonderful thought. Love it!

Debbie said...

New follower here, and I very much enjoy your posts. Yes.The worse situations often bring people together when nothing else will. "Need" generates action on our part, or it should. People are very secure inside their homes with their own families and friends, or so they believe.
Nothing brings people out in my neighborhood like a car stuck in high snow, a fire or a tree removal. :D

Connie said...

I love that picture. I think it shows too that even though they may be different, they still have a lot in common. We could all try harder to find what we have in common with others instead of focusing on our differences.

Red Rose Alley said...

I love this picture too, Karen. It's special.


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