Sunday, October 2, 2016

Roses in October

I thought the roses at the park would be gone by now, but there they were this morning to greet me!
Along with a flock of noisy geese.


Mildred said...

The roses are stunning for it to be Oct.!
That is such a pretty hymn and beautiful photos on the video.
Wishing you a nice Sun. evening. Glad you could get out and about this morn.

Connie said...

Those roses are so pretty! I bet the geese were fun to watch too.

Carla from The River said...

Beautiful roses!
Happy New Week!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, your roses are lovely. I like the geese photo too.

Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

Patsy said...

Love roses!
Hoping all is well with you.

Doris said...

What a lovely surprise! I love roses, any color would do :)
Have a great day, Karen!

Red Rose Alley said...

Yes, roses still grow in the Fall, and they can withstand the harshest weather. They are such sturdy flowers, indeed, and mine are still blooming in my back yard. Lovely roses, lovely you.


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