Saturday, July 30, 2016

River of Joy

Jesus said:
"This is what I want you to do:
Ask the Father for whatever is in keeping
with the things I've revealed to you.
Ask in my name, according to my will,
and he'll most certainly give it to you.
Your joy will be a river overflowing its banks!"
John 16:23-24 Message


Susie said...

Thank you Karen for this post. I really like Joel Osteen...he tells that we should genuinely ask our Lord in our prayers for the things we need....which seems to go with this . Bless you, xoxo, Susie

Red Rose Alley said...

Such a dear post, Karen.


L. D. said...

I am a happy person to the most part but some days I do just thirst for joy. Thank you for your posting. I wish you well.

Summer said...

What an inspiring verse! Thanks for sharing ♥

Mildred said...

A beautiful message. God bless you!

Connie said...

Wonderful scripture! I hope you have a nice weekend!

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