Friday, June 24, 2016

It Matters to Him

I can remember a friend who, whenever a problem arose, would always say: "Oh, I can't pray about that. God has bigger issues to worry about than my problems."

Now that I have gotten older, I find myself praying about everyday decisions, and I am amazed at how God answers.

As I was thumbing through my hymnbook this morning, I found this song that I'd never heard before.

Although He has millions of souls to see about,
Although the sun, the moon and the stars are in His care,
How wonderful to know
Wherever you may go,
He can be reached just by a whispered prayer.

It matters to Him about you,
Your heartaches, your sorrow He shares,
Regardless of what you may do,
He wants you, He loves you, He cares.

Audrey Mieir


Susie said...

Hi Karen, What beautiful lyrics. I feel that when we go to God, nothing is too small. He does love us and I am so thankful that He does. Mildred wrote that you were her sister. I have blogged with her for some time now. I always love to see her flowers and cats. Wishing you a great fun filled weekend. So glad no more serious storms about. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Mildred said...

What sweet and reassuring lyrics. Thank you for sharing these words. Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

Nonnie said...

I admit I have felt that way about some of my problems, that they were too trivial and I should just be a big girl. But you're right. He wants us to go to Him with everything.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I totally agree! Ohhh, your blog is so pretty, with the colors of the sea!

Jedidja said...

I never seen that hymn before. Thank you. It is beautiful. And I am glad with you encouragement today. Our Lord never said: "Call upon Me with the big problems in life but handle the little things yourself." We may bring ALL of our prayers to the Lordm the little things as well.

Debbie said...

It is wonderful to find strength in these thoughts!!!

Arlene Grimm said...

Checking in with my favorite bloggers this morning as we are home from vacation! Have a blessed Sunday Karen.

Connie said...

That's a beautiful and reassuring reminder in that poem.

bp said...

I don't recall that hymn, very encouraging lyrics.
Have a blessed week.

Red Rose Alley said...

Yes, He is always there, and it's such a wonderful feeling to know that.

Have a beautiful week, Karen.


Shirley Wright said...

Prayer is the greatest blessing. I am learning to be thankful ..even for the smallest thing.God is good!

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