Friday, April 29, 2016

As Certain as the Dawn

“So let us know, let us press on to know the Lord.
His going forth is as certain as the dawn;

And He will come to us like the rain,
Like the spring rain watering the earth.”

Hosea 6:3
As a girl, I went to Camp Pinnacle in Clayton, Georgia, for summer church camp. On the last day the staff woke up us at 4 a.m. to hike up Mount Pinnacle. My friends from school and church and I chatted and laughed as we made our way up the steep slopes with our flashlights. It was still dark when we got to our destination and our leader sternly told us: sit down, turn off your flashlights, and do not move or talk.

Suddenly the brilliant sun burst over the horizon revealing that we were on the edge of the pinnacle overlooking the hills and valleys, pastures and farmhouses of north Georgia. Someone started singing, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty" and all the girls joined in. It was a goose bump moment I'll always remember.

Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee;
Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty!
God in three Persons, blessed Trinity.


shortybear said...

nice post

Hazel Moon said...

What an amazing experience the staff knew you would enjoy and remember always. That wonderful hymn cemented it all in your memory. Thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it.

Connie said...

What a meaningful memory for them to give you. Lovely!

Arlene Grimm said...

What a great memory Karen!!

Nonnie said...

Oh what a blessed thing to do and see and experience! Beautiful. That verse from Hosea, coupled with Paul's wanting to know God (Philippians) are key verses for me I pray.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

There's nothing more awe-inspiring than to witness a sunrise.

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