Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Prayer of Habakkuk

I have heard all about you, Lord.
I am filled with awe by your amazing works.
In this time of our deep need,
help us again as you did in years gone by.
And in your anger, remember your mercy.

I see God moving across the deserts from Edom,
the Holy One coming from Mount Paran.
His brilliant splendor fills the heavens,
and the earth is filled with his praise.

And His brightness was like the sunlight;
Rays streamed from His hand,
and there [in the sunlike splendor]
was the hiding place of His power.


Lady Jane said...

I find your posts so helpful in my time of need Karen. Thank you. Hugs, LJ

Jazzmin said...

Beautiful. What a blessed way to start the morning! And the photo you chose to go with this is so perfect in reminding of our Lord's mightiness.

Have a wonderful and blessed day, Karen!


Recovering Lutheran said...

Thank you! The book of Habakkuk is a hidden treasure in the Bible.

Mildred said...

Good Morning. Thank you for this verse today. I am happy you were able to change your background/font etc. Sometimes, blogger is on the blink!

Debbie Harris said...

Oh...A beautiful prayer in deed.
I am filled with awe by God's amazing works all around me.
I love your image too.

Have a beautiful and blessed day~~

Nonnie said...

That is so beautiful. Yes Lord, remember Your mercy.

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