Friday, March 4, 2016

Take Courage

Jesus himself endured a cross and thought nothing of its shame because of the joy he knew would follow his suffering; and he is now seated at the right hand of God’s throne. Think constantly of him enduring all that sinful men could say against him and you will not lose your purpose or your courage.
Hebrews 12:3 Phillips New Testament

Ask the Savior to help you,
Comfort, strengthen, and keep you;
He is willing to aid you,
He will carry you through.


Denise said...

Love you my friend.

Ellie VanCaster said...

Sometimes our future's blind to a path-have to trust He'll show us.

Daisy said...

It's good to know that he is there for us to give us comfort and strength.

Janis Cox said...

Yes - don't grow weary and lose heart. Lovely picture with a great message.
Would you consider linking to Sunday Stillness - a new community of believers .. a picture and a message.

BARBIE said...

So good! Thank you for sharing!

Theresa said...

He has really carried me lately! I have been constantly in need of his love and guidance! Have a blessed day dear Karen, hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods:) HUGS!

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