Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sunshine After Rain

We had blowing snow a few minutes ago, and now bright sunshine. It reminded me of this old hymn, and of the pretty tulips, daffodils and forsythia in my son's yard in KC last spring.

Like the sunshine after rain,
Like a rest that follows pain,
Like a hope returned again,
Is the peace that Jesus gives.

Like the soft, refreshing dew,
Like a rosy daybreak new,
Like a friendship tender, true,
Is the peace that Jesus gives.

Oh, the peace that Jesus gives
Never dies; it always lives.
Like the music of a psalm,
Like a glad, eternal calm,
Is the peace that Jesus gives,

Haldor Lillenas, 1885-1959


Connie said...

That's a pretty photo and lovely song lyrics to got with it.

Mildred said...

We have had the same sun/snow! I haven't heard this hymn in a long time. Such sweet lyrics. Do you remember there was a grave at the Alpha. Cemetery that was planted with bright tulips?

Patsy said...

I will be glad when the tulip do bloom.
It sure is cold here, all of the south is in deep freeze.

Denise said...

I love tulips

Nonnie said...

That is a beautiful photo and song. I've never heard the song, so I will have to look it up and get the tune.

L. D. said...

Like a friendship tender true. I like that.

Red Rose Alley said...

The rain makes everything so fresh and clean. Everything looks beautiful after a rain. :)


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