Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Treasures for a Rainy Day

As I was driving early one morning, I passed a lush lawn with all the lawn sprinklers going full force. What was unusual about that is that the skies were pouring rain and had been  for a couple of days!

It got me to thinking about Noah. He had a word from God to build an ark on dry ground. For years, Noah preached and warned people of the flood. They laughed and scorned. When the rain came, the Bible says that the fountains of the deep came forth, too. Sort of like those sprinklers in the rain. The water came from both directions at once.

Once a precious young man spoke over me at the house of prayer: "God is storing up treasures in you for a rainy day." I took that to mean the "Day of the Lord" that is prophesied in Joel 2. God says He will send the former and latter rains at the same time. In the last days, when it seems troubles are coming at us from every side, as Jesus warned in Matthew 24, He will also pour out His Spirit on those who are being saved. He will bring in a great harvest of souls.

How exciting that we have been chosen to be alive on the earth at this time in history. Keep praying for those who are coming to the Lord. He is storing up His treasures in them for a rainy day.


Denise said...

amen my friend

NanaDiana said...

Good morning, Karen. I am finally back to blogging and visiting. I sometimes feel like my ark is still sitting there waiting for me to finish building it...and to keep heart no matter what pours down on me. xo Diana

Theresa said...

Great and inspiring post on this rainy morning! We are surely getting it from "all sides" these days! Have a blessed day dear Karen, HUGS!

dellartist said...

What a great promise! Reminds me of song we used to sing, many years ago. "It's beginning to rain, hear the voice of the Father..."
Have a blessed day.

Daisy said...

Nicely stated. I hope you have a pleasant Sunday.