Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sweet Song

I will sing to the Lord as long as I live;
I will sing praise to my God while I have any being.
May my meditation be sweet to Him;
as for me, I will rejoice in the Lord.
Psalm 104:33-34

Isn't it wonderful how music is such a universal language. I watched a video recently where a tribe of people, formerly unreached with the gospel, loved to learn the new worship songs the missionaries taught them. Then the natives began to write their own songs. To their amazement, the missionaries heard the people singing the melody of "Just As I Am" with lyrics they had composed. The missionaries had never taught them that song. 


living from glory to glory said...

Hello Dear Karen, This is really amazing! I do believe He has given us a song within our hearts.
As I was just telling my Grandson that there is really nothing new under the sun.
I can just imagine God singing over them :)
Have a wonderful Day!! Roxy

Daisy said...

Music really does speak to everyone in some way.

Lady Jane said...

Remarkable post Karen. I do believe God sometimes speaks to us and this time it was thru music. I hope you have a wonderful New Year.

Blackberry Lane said...

That is just incredible!

Lynda said...

When I was on my pilgrim Emmaus Walk, one of my bunk-mates always asked God to wake her up the next morning with a song. One day, she was singing a song she had never heard - - - - and it was one our worship leader has us sing later that day. The bunk mate did not know the song had been scheduled and the worship leader had not heard my friend singing. She did not know the story of my bunk mate until later that weekend. God's Holy Spirit does some pretty amazing things among HIS people.

Stephanie said...

This was a joy to read, Karen! It's so good to pop in for a visit - I trust you are doing well. Hugs to you!