Monday, January 20, 2014

Mission Trip

God had put it on my heart to go with a group on a mission trip to Portugal in August, 2001. The Lord had given me a picture from the beginning of a rock climber and the words: "Stick to the trail like a tick on bare flesh." So I knew I was supposed to not let anything stop me.

Finally, I was on my way. Th jet taxied away from the terminal, and there we sat...for an hour and a half....while the August sun shone down and the air got stuffy and hot. The plane headed for Portugal was packed and I was wedged in the middle seat between two strangers.

I wanted to get off the plane and head for home instead of continuing with my first overseas trip, but there was no way out. I began to feel panicky, when I stumbled upon a booklet in my purse that someone at church had handed me the previous Sunday.

It was a list of encouraging promises from God's Word. I was reading as if my next breath depended on it, when I noticed the young lady seated next to me was reading over my shoulder. We exchanged a knowing glance and then laughed at our anxiety. She, too, was a Christian with a wonderful testimony of all the blessings of knowing Christ. Soon the plane was on its way and the temptation to turn back forgotten.

I was ready to give up just because of an inconvenient delay! I thought of all the people who came to faith in Jesus Christ during those Lisbon evangelistic meetings and I remembered the words to this old hymn:

It will be worth it all

When we see Jesus.

Life's trials will seem so small

When we see Him

One glimpse of His dear face

All sorrow will erase

So bravely run the race

Til we see Christ.



KathyB. said...

Another uplifting post that ended with a song I hummed the tune of while I read it. Thank-you!

So blessed! said...

Love that saying. Will have to use it myself. Those cliffs sure seem to pop up too often. So thankful to have friends like you to remind us about our faithful Lord who will see us through no matter what the trial.
New Day New Seasons!!!

Daisy said...

Very inspiring post!

Joy said...

Yes, God is always there to send an encourager:)