Thursday, October 17, 2013


On the Andy Griffith show from the 1950's, there was an episode where Aunt Bea tried once again to win the blue ribbon at the fair for her pickles. Andy and Opie hated her pickles, but couldn't get up the nerve to tell her, so she just kept on pickling!

If I take a cucumber and pour a little vinegar over it, that doesn't make it a pickle. If I want a good old-fashioned pickle, the cucumber must be fermented by soaking in a brine solution. At some point, between 4 to 6 weeks, it's a pickle, and it can never go back to being a cucumber again!

Father God,
May your children soak in the presence of the Holy Spirit until we are saturated with all You have for us.
May we marinate in Your Word until we obey You without trying to second-guess You. Change us from the inside out.


Blackberry Lane said...


(I remember that episode so well!)

Dianna said...

What a beautiful illustration, Karen! I have all of the Andy Griffith seasons on DVD and I vividly remember the episode you are speaking of here.

The change truly must come from the inside!

Daisy said...

Wonderful post, Karen! I remember that show very well too. It was a funny one.

S. Etole said...

My mother and I used to love watching that show together. What an apt illustration.

Pam Williams said...

Great analogy, Karen! And the prayer of my heart.

Joy said...

Yea, I want to be soaked with God's patience:)

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