Friday, September 13, 2013

Feeling At Home

Heavenly Father,

We all arrive at your doorstep
sooner or later,
loaded with guilt,
Our sins too much for us—
but you get rid of them once and for all.

Blessed are the chosen!
Blessed the guest
at home in your place!
We expect our fill of good things
in your house, your heavenly manse.

Psalm 65:2-4 Message


Joy said...

What awesome place we could be:)
Have a nice weekend Karen:)

Blackberry Lane said...

Wishing you a delightful weekend.

Delvalina said...

Amen Karen. Thank for sharing this prayer :)
I'm joining you in praying.


Daisy said...

Wonderful scripture!

Denise said...

Beautiful scripture.

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