Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unforgiveness - A Luxury We Can't Afford

Once, when we were telling a lady about Jesus, and how she could know for certain that she was forgiven and on her way to Heaven, she replied, "No thanks. I'll just let it be a surprise when I get there."

I am so thankful that I do not have to stand before a holy God and defend myself . I am glad that Jesus stood up for me, paid my debt, and "settled out of court" before judgment day.

Now the question for me is: Have I also forgiven everyone who has wronged me? I want God to show mercy to me, but do I demand justice for everyone else?

"We have been given a treasure. When we gave our lives to Jesus, we went from nothing to everything. We have been forgiven a huge debt of sin, and God is saying now, "The least you can do is to forgive your fellow servants, your parents, your brothers."

"Holding onto hurts and judgments is a luxury you and I can't afford, It is like giving Satan a key to your house."

quotes from "What Christians Should Know About the Importance of Forgiveness" by John and Carol Arnott

Some of you have suffered unimaginable tragedies and wounds so severe that it seems impossible to forgive the ones who are responsible. Our God of grace and mercy is more than big enough to enable us to give those people a gift they don't deserve: the gift of forgiveness.


Dorothy said...

You are so right on this!

L. D. said...

Ok,how did you know I needed to hear this.

Blackberry Lane said...

A good reminder. Wishing you a nice weekend.

Karen said...

I need to hear this lesson every day! I guess I have to live in an attitude of forgiveness, and hope that others will forgive me too!

Stephanie said...

Thank you, Karen, for this reminder - I truly appreciate it. May you have a delightful weekend.


Denise said...

Amen my friend.

Delvalina said...

Encouraging :)

Thanks for sharing Karen.

I love reading your posts today!