Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You Are God Alone

You're the only God whose power none can contend
You're the only God whose name and
Praise will never end
You're the only God who's worthy
Of everything we can give
You are God, that's just the way it is

-William McDowell

After Hezekiah had read the note from the king of Assyria, he took it to the temple and spread it out for the Lord to see. He prayed:

Lord God of Israel, your throne is above the winged creatures. You created the heavens and the earth, and you alone rule the kingdoms of this world. But just look how Sennacherib has insulted you, the living God.

It is true, our Lord, that Assyrian kings have turned nations into deserts. They destroyed the idols of wood and stone that the people of those nations had made and worshiped. But you are our Lord and our God! We ask you to keep us safe from the Assyrian king. Then everyone in every kingdom on earth will know that you are the only God.

2 Kings 19 CEV


Blackberry Lane said...

Thank you for this post this afternoon and for your love and encouragement through the difficult days.

Nonnie said...

I love this passage. That Hezekiah took the letter and showed it to God. I'm with Blackberry Lane. Such great encouragement in your posts.

Daisy said...

Thank you for sharing this passage today.

Denise said...

I love this.

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