Tuesday, June 25, 2013

God's Not Dead!

When my son Cameron was in fifth grade, his public school teacher asked the students to write about the living person that had most influenced their lives. Cameron wrote about Jesus Christ. After he had read his essay to the class, a little girl raised her hand and complained to the teacher that Cameron did not follow the directions because his subject is dead.

Cameron explained that Jesus was crucified, but rose from the dead, and then ascended to heaven fully alive. He also told her, "Jesus is God and He lives in my heart."

The little girl continued to argue until the teacher gave her an assignment to go to the library and research to find out if Jesus is dead or alive.

Thank God for childlike faith!


Lynda said...

That is amazing that the teacher would have the girl research that. In this day and time, the teacher might have agreed with her. Good for Cameron!!!

Nonnie said...

Good for your son! That is amazing that times have changed so much. I am hopeful that little girl did the research and got to know Jesus.

Blackberry Lane said...

Good for Cameron!

Denise said...


Daisy said...

What a wonderful story!

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