Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Merry Month of May

May is a month of celebrations in my family! Today is my daughter Kathren's birthday. Granddaughter Ashlynn turned 10 last week, and my son Cameron will be 27 next week.
Happy birthday also to my brother and his daughter this weekend!
I recently broke my camera and lost all my pics I had stored on the computer, but Cameron recently emailed this one to me. This is the first year that I won't see him on his birthday.


Daisy said...

Happy birthday to all! If you hire a computer expert to take a look at your computer, he or she might be able to find your pictures for you. Sometimes they can recover files that we think are lost.

Maple Lane said...

It is a busy month for the entire family. John's parents both have/had May birthdays, as well!

Great pic of Cameron. Happy Birthday to ALL!

Daisy said...

There are also different kinds of software that might be able to help you recover lost photos from a camera, SD card or computer. You might try googling "recover photos from computer" to see if anything turns up that can help you.

joy said...

Happy birthday to all:)

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday to all! Wishing you a blessed Sunday and new week!

Denise said...

Birthday blessings to all your dear love ones.

Jess said...

Yes, Birthday Blessings to ALL of your loved ones!
We have 5 birthdays to celebrate in May as well. My son turned 28 on the 15th and again we were not together but I thought about him all day! I can imagine how you missed Cameron because it's been six years since my son has been home for his birthday.
So grateful for phones, texts and Skype!

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