Sunday, May 19, 2013

Peculiar People

Grandmother Williams (who would be 118 years old if she were still alive) liked to use the word "peculiar". She was always saying something smelled peculiar, looked peculiar or someone acted peculiar. She meant "different".

When my kids were young teens, I was going to drive a group of them to the movies. One of the boys came out sporting a do-rag (bandana) on his head. Just as he was about to get into my car, his Mom saw him, called him back in the house and made him take it off. When he finally climbed in the back seat, I heard him mumble, "Why can't I be different like everybody else?!"

In the Bible, Peter talks about Christians being a "peculiar people". The Message Bible describes us this way: But you are the ones chosen by God, chosen for the high calling of priestly work, chosen to be a holy people, God's instruments to do his work and speak out for him, to tell others of the night-and-day difference he made for you—from nothing to something, from rejected to accepted. 1 Peter 2:9

God has made us peculiar people, His own special treasure.  Does it seem that He is lovingly heating up the fire and skimming away the dross?  He wants to purify the gold He has hidden deep in our hearts.


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Maple Lane said...

I remember grandma using the term "peculiar." Thank you for this analogy.

Daisy said...

I don't mind being peculiar in this case! Nice post, Karen!

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