Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break

I had the grandchildren every day this past week. I wanted to use some of the time I had with them to make the Bible come alive. I remembered some object lessons from my childhood.

The eyes of the LORD 
search the whole earth 
in order to strengthen those 
whose hearts are fully committed to him.

We took eggs and drew eyes on them, and read the passage from 2 Chronicles, where the prophet tells the king (Nana's paraphrase): You don't need to join the bullies and bad guys to survive. Your God watches over you and delights in coming to your aid when you look to Him for help. But when you sell out to the evil around you, you are on your own, and you will constantly have trouble.

 Another day, we read John 14, and we placed three graduated size plastic eggs within each other to visualize Jesus' promise to believers:

When I am raised to life again, 
you will know that I am in my Father, 
and you are in me, 
and I am in you.
John 14:20


Maple Lane said...

So thankful you had this time with the girls. Precious photo.

Beth said...

I am sure the grandchildren enjoyed the time they spent with you. The picture is beautiful.

Jill said...

Your granddaughter is so pretty. What a special, meaningful time for you all.

Ellie VanCaster said...

What a wonderful time you had with the grands-a blessing for both them and you.

NanaDiana said...

Wonderful days with your grands, Karen. I love the concept of the three eggs-one inside the other- xo Diana

Lynda said...

It is wonderful that you can be creative teaching them about God. That will make them desire to know more. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Denise said...

Sounds like a wonderful time.

Doris said...

It's so easy to see the teacher in you! Love it =)

Terri D. said...

Excellent lessons, and how wonderful to have your grandchildren for a whole week!!

Wanda said...

What an ecellent way to teach a valuable lesson. I'll remember that for next year.

Ken said...

Hi Karen,
It is nice to get to spend time with grandkids. And an important lesson you shared with them. They need to know the Lord is with them. God bless,

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