Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nestling or Wrestling?

I heard a news commentator asking a minister this past week the hard question that is on many people's minds. How could God let these tragedies happen?

The minister answered that every generation since the beginning of time has had to deal with the same question.

I heard a pastor say that at some point in our Christian walk, we will come up against a situation that will cause us to WRESTLE with our image of God. Then, by His grace, He will reveal even more of His love to us, and we will finally surrender our "right" to understand everything, and simply NESTLE in His strong arms.

John Newton, who wrote the much-loved hymn "Amazing Grace", also wrote  "Though Troubles Assail Us". Here is one of the verses that I hope will bring consolation to those who are grieving.

No strength of our own
And no goodness we claim
Yet since we have known
Of the Savior's great name
In this our strong tower
For safety we hide
The Lord is our power
The Lord will provide


Daisy said...

"surrender our right to understand everything"

Those words stuck out for me. That is something we all struggle with, I think. When we manage to do it, though, it brings about a certain peace.

Denise said...

Such a good post.

NanaDiana said...

Karen- I do think it has been the question that has been asked throughout time. It is sometimes hard to quit wrestling and start nestling though- xo Diana

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