Sunday, March 17, 2013

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Sometimes I come up against a problem that seems impossible. At times, I pray, but then I don't take time to wait on the Lord and see how He will lead. I think I have to just run out and solve it myself the only way I KNOW.

Heavenly Father, You made a way for me to enter the Holy Place, the Holy of Holies, that I might commune with You. Jesus, You are my High Priest. You ever live to make intercession for me. If I lack wisdom, I may come to You anytime, and You will gladly listen and answer.

If you are not even sure about God's goodness and love and power, ASK HIM. He will reveal Himself to you in a way that you can understand.


Denise said...

Amen, so very true.

Karen said...

Been there and done that...thankful for His patience and mercy....

KathyB. said...

Boy, sometimes I feel I am the queen of "solve spiritual problems myself"...and I do suffer the consequences of trying to do what God intended to do for me.Yet, I know He knew I would do such things and He has loved me and provided for me and mine anyway....Praise Him!

Anya said...

Hi Karen
Very true words my dear :-)
Very well written !!

Keystone said...

Merry Christmas Karen.

I love the cardinals tucked into a Christmas tree and snow.
That is a separate story that brings me great joy.

And from your story, I believe we who pray for answers to the impossible, and then do not wait, rob ourselves, AND the Lord of Joy.

We lose both the joy at His best (afterall we settle for less when WE answer our petition) and the Joy of the Lord.

He loses the Joy of answering, for the lack of our waiting.

I will pray for you as I see cardinals in Christmas trees.
Since it is common here, expect a lot of prayer.

Peace and Grace to you.

Karen said...

Thank you.

Cathy said...

I love that He ever lives to intercede for us. Your blog is always so beautiful. They are having some kind of praise on there tonight!

Charlotte said...

I can sure identify with this. My first instinct is to try to figure it out all on my own. When that doesn't happen, I start praying about it. I know it should be the other way around but need to be reminded.
Thank you for letting me know about the linky problem.
Have a blessed day.

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...


Maple Lane said...

A wonderful reminder.

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