Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nothing Lost

Let nothing move you as you busy yourselves 
in the Lord’s work. 
Be sure that nothing you do for him 
is ever lost or ever wasted.
1 Corinthians 15:58 Phillips NT

In my reading this week, there seemed to be a theme: I can never boast that I have "great faith", but I can always be confident that I have faith in a GREAT GOD.

God is good and just and merciful all the time, when my prayers are answered in the way I planned and when I don't understand God's ways at all.

I heard about a woman who prayed for a long time for her friend's healing, but her friend died from his illness. In anger, she cried to the Lord, I feel as though all my prayers were wasted. Then God reminded her that none of our prayers or our service to Him is ever wasted. There are mysteries and purposes that God has that we can not know about in this life.

The LORD reminds us: 


NanaDiana said...

I think sometimes when we pray for what WE want it is just not what God wants. I feel sorry for the woman that prayed for her friend that died and then was angry. I always TRY (don't always succeed) to pray for HIS will to be done and that I can accept that no matter what it is- Not easy for us mortals, is it? xo Diana

Beth said...

I think God has a purpose for us all We all have a role to play from the moment we are born.

Lauren Davenport said...

I've been studying God's sovereignty. He is sovereign over everything. Hallelujah!

Terri D. said...

Sometimes not answering our prayer IS the answer. All prayers are heard, of that I am positive.

Denise said...

Amen. your new blog look is really nice.

Ellie VanCaster said...

it is difficult sometimes to pray for his will not ours but i believe He understands our struggles.
Have a good week.

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