Saturday, February 16, 2013

Don't You Know?

Don’t you know?
    Haven’t you heard?
    The eternal God, the Lord
the Creator of the ends of the earth,
    doesn’t grow tired or become weary.
        His understanding is beyond reach.
He gives strength to those who grow tired
    and increases the strength of those who are weak.

Isaiah 40:28-29 God's Word 

This is sunrise as I was taking the girls to school last week. It didn't show up in the photo, but a pink cross appeared in the clouds for a few minutes that morning!


Daisy said...

Reminds me of the song we sang as children "Jesus Loves Me."

"We are weak but he is strong." :)

Beautiful sky photo.

Mia De Vries said...

Surely that cross was His gift to you. He loves surprising us in His special way. Oh, how I know the truth of that verse! I have a chronic illness and experience His grace day after day after day. Over via Charlotte's.
Much love

Denise said...

I am so thankful for God's love.

L. D. Burgus said...

Thanks for sharing Isaiah today. I really needed to be reminded of that today. Beautiful sky brought to you by God.

NanaDiana said...

I need the strength from growing tired this week- Amen- xo Diana

Wanda said...

Oh, but he undertands my weariness, as he was touch with all we feel in his Earthly Journey.

Thanks for powerful reminders of Who HE is!!! The Great I AM.

Vintagesouthernlife said...

Isn't it awesome how he sends us signs to remind us he is always with us?

Annesphamily said...

I am really out of the Spiritual Sunday loop. I am glad to see you here. I am going to try to get back into the swing of things. I miss everyone here and I really love your share. Blessings, Anne

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