Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Timely Word!

Sometimes we get all tangled up in the problems of life: bills to pay, chores to do, and people to get along with who don't always follow the golden rule!

One morning as I was getting ready to pray about my "mountain" of problems, I realized that I was sitting on a piece of mail. When I opened it, it was a message from Sid Roth, a Jewish believer in Jesus as Messiah.

This is what it said:

You are the generation to welcome the Messiah's return!

All the things that you have done in the past were only preparations for what you are going to do.

The greatest things and the things that will bring the most glory to God are yet to be revealed and yet to be done.

God wants you to prepare your heart so that you will not doubt Him when He speaks.

After reading that, my "mountain" didn't seem like such a big problem anymore!

Lord, I pray that I will have childlike faith to take you at Your Word.


Lauren Davenport said...

What a timely message for you! Thank you for sharing.

Maple Lane said...

Blessings to you and yours in the new year.

Daisy said...

It does help put things into perspective! :-)
Happy New Year, Karen!

linda eller said...

I needed to read your post this seemed it was meant for me. Thank you for sharing.

Denise said...

Very encouraging.

Beth said...


Terri D. said...

Always a good reminder! Makes that mountain flatten out, for sure! Wishing you a joyful and blessed new year!

NanaDiana said...

What a great message. It is hard sometimes to retain that childlike faith- but I work at it. LOVE the new look of your blog. The background is beautiful- xo Diana

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