Saturday, December 1, 2012


He is like a tree planted beside streams- 
a tree that produces fruit in season 
and whose leaves do not wither. 
He succeeds in everything he does. 
Psalm 1:3 God's Word

photo by Karen - Lily Valley

What is success? We can read the stories of very successful people by the world's standards, who lived very unhappy lives. It's good when someone discovers at a young age that the only way to succeed is to stay close to the source of LIFE...His name is Jesus.


Maple Lane said...

A very beautiful post, Karen.

Vilisi said...

Amen to this - success is staying close to the source of life. This is the truth I often repeat to my young teenage kids in the hope that it will be indelibly impressed on their young hearts. They are very competitive academically but I keep reminding them that all the success in the world will be nothing if the Lord is not first in their lives. Thanks for posting this, it's heartening to 'hear' someone else say it!

Denise said...


Daisy said...

Lovely photo and words, Karen.

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