Sunday, August 26, 2012

Show Us your Glory

These are times of daily crises, but also of opportunity to bring in the harvest. In the days ahead, there will only be two kinds of people, those who know forgiveness and peace through Jesus Christ, and those who desperately long to know Him.

We can start over today, as fresh and pure as a spotless lamb. We can come to a place where we no longer feel condemned or confused, always trying to figure everything out or understand all God's ways. I can come to a place of close fellowship with God where His love is so irresistable that I immediately say "yes" to whatever He asks me to do.

God is about to bring us into a time of harvest and fruitfulness where we will see more happen for His Kingdom in one hour that we saw previously in a year.

Show us Your Glory, Father. Everything is for Your Glory.


Denise said...

Amen, so true.

Maple Lane said...

Good Morning, Karen. Thanks for a beautiful post. Wishing you a very nice Sunday and a good week.