Sunday, July 29, 2012


A friend at Bible Study pointed out to us that "wait" in the passage we were studying, didn't mean to be resigned and passive; it meant to watch intently for your opportunity and be ready to POUNCE LIKE A CAT!

I thought about waiting for Daddy to come home when I was young. I would ride my bike around the corner and wait for him to come into view as he was driving home from work - almost always exactly 6:15. Then I would pedal as hard as I could back up the hill, round the corner, and try to beat him into the driveway. I knew I could count on a big smile, and that he would be excited to hear about my day, before we went in for supper.

So, next time I read "wait on the Lord", I will know that God delights in being "ambushed" by his children.

My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. Psalm 62:5


Denise said...

Amen, well said.

Maple Lane said...

What a great post and analogy. I had never thought of "waiting" that way before.

I can just see Daddy grinning and perhaps "letting" you beat him into the driveway!!!!!

Daisy said...

This post made me smile, Karen. I loved the analogy you used here. I can just see you racing down the street on that bicycle! :)

L. D. Burgus said...

What a wonderful way to think about waiting on the Lord. Thanks for sharing it. I liked the bike story too.

Pamela said...

Beautiful illustration of God's desire to hear from us. And an admonition to wait on Him!

Cathy said...

Aw, that is so sweet. I love it. :) Thank you, Dear.